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BRIEFCreated a unified design language for Badger Maps and increased user channels.


Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a Software as a Service company with a mission to enable field sales people to sell more. I interned with them as a User Experience Design Associate. The projects I worked on are largely self-initiated. I enjoyed the creative freedom I had in identifying areas of improvement, proposing solutions to my team, and working with different members and teams to see each one of the projects come to life.




A cohesive brand



Newsletter Landing Page



Design a new newsletter

Create a way to repurpose content

Leverage conversational marketing


Badger Maps had no established or unified design system.

There were no guidelines for how to visually communicate the Badger Maps brand. As a result, the design assets made throughout the last 8 years lacked consistency and cohesiveness.


Create brand guidelines for visual consistency with how the brand is communicated.

I created a set of brand guidelines for the company. As part of the rebrand of visual content, I also made templates for standard uses and accompanying color palettes. I learned to adapt my design templates for different platforms such that non-designers in the company of all experience levels can easily learn to use them. I looked at the company's needs and developed a content organization for the Brand Guidelines project: Brand strategy, company values, and marketing team goals and measures of success

01 Strategy & Positioning: Brand strategy, company values, and marketing team goals and measures of success
02 Brand Identity: Logo versions, unapproved uses, color system and hierarchy, typography, resource links
03 Brand Elements: Design system elements, icons, graphic and illustration styles
04 Tone of Voice: Voice of the brand, how the brand communicates through copy, guidelines on creating a consistent verbal identity
05 Marketing Assets: Alignment on design guides, guidelines on how to illustrate content through graphics, newly created resource templates I made for common asset uses
06 Identity in Context: How the company's strategy, identity, elements, colors, typography, icons, and tone of voice all come together


Visitors to the Badger Maps website were unable to sign-up for the Newsletter.

Only one channel existed from which website users were able to find out about the newsletter – through the content pages in the blog. As a result, not many of our salespeople users knew about our newsletter nor had a means to sign up for it.


Most of the process and data analysis work remains under a NDA, however I have provided close to final and final iterations.

Design a newsletter landing page, which can be easily accessed from the company's main page. Steps to the solution:

Initial sketching: Rough notes and ideas, worked more closely with the marketing team to establish any considerations to take into account during this project
User data: Analyzed current user traffic to the website and which pages newsletter sign-up
User flow: Created before (existing) and after (imagined) user flows
Design assets: To keep in line with existing page styles, I already had an idea of what design assets to include and how I could make them.
Engineering: Worked with company engineers to have an idea of what was possible within the current CMS platform limitations
Sketches: Drew more focused sketches for this next design iteration after learning more about capabilities and limitations.
A/B strategies: Looked at past A/B testing strategies and subsequent results from past acquisition emails to develop appropriate landing page copy
Increasing fidelity wireframes: From low to mid to high fidelity wireframes
Create the final landing page

After the newsletter landing page went live, we saw a 247% increase in organic newsletter signups.

Side projects

Worked on a few smaller projects with other team members.

Smaller side projects I explored:

Weekly Newsletter
We found that our users wanted to hear from us more often, but in smaller pages of content, as opposed to the existing more comprehensive monthly newsletter. "Sales Bites" became an aggregation of our sales content each week that coincided with a different established theme. I designed the weekly newsletter template and look, as well as helped write the copy for the first one sent out. This is still a continuing project and weekly newsletters continue to be sent out to an increasing number of subscribed users.

Created a way to repurpose content using videos
Developed a way to repurpose Outside Sales Talk (OST) podcast content into highlights. Created the video template with different animations and edited the first episode on Premiere Pro. Before I left, I passed off the responsibilities and held knowledge transfer and instructional meetings. This is also a continuing project and new episodes are worked on and being released on different platforms.

Leveraged conversational marketing to drive user intent
Revamped the content and product playbooks, including the hook and initial acquisition messages, of our website bot to increase plays and interactions. So far, there has been a 14% increase in bot interaction on the website.

A new landing page for the sales team
Worked with sales to create custom a Calendly landing page on the website. My primary role was establishing the layout, creating the assets, video thumbnails, and banners for this landing page.

ROI Two-Pager
In a joint effort with the sales team who was looking for a way to visualize Badger Maps software numbers, I created an ROI two-pager. This resource visualized the benefits and savings associated with using Badger Maps software, including data visualization and sales numbers.