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TEAMEngineering, Immersion Networks

BRIEFResearched, brainstormed, designed, and tested 2 products — one involving sound and sensory stimuli, and the other media streaming.


I was a Product Design Intern on the Engineering Team.

Immersion Networks is an R&D laboratory that creates software and hardware to reframe the human listening experience. I completed two projects with an end-to-end design process.


The existing interfaces for the products were difficult to navigate for users and not synced with a controller.

All my work is currently under NDA, however, I have outlined snippets of my design process in researching, brainstorming, and redesigning the user interface of two products and crafting new user experiences.

My Design process:
01 Understanding and defining the user problems
02 Identifying use cases and needs
03 Explored a few design iterations, and a lot of idea generation exercises
04 User research, validated design concepts at this stage
05 Design iterations
06 User research and usability testing - tested paper prototypes
07 Finalized designs and delivered the implement-ready mockups to engineers on my team

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