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BRIEFUser research and experience work to support the launch of Lenzing AG's #ItsInOurHands campaign, an initiative for biodegradable wipes.


I helped launch the #ItsInOurHands campaign, an initiative for biodegradable wipes.

Lenzing AG is the world market leader in wood-based cellulose fibers. These fibers are made of the renewable material wood sourced from certified sustainable forests and produced using a closed loop process at the core of a circular economy that preserves natural resources. I was the lead user researcher and user experience designer working on developing strategy for an integrated experience. I was working at the company's headquarters in Lenzing, Austria tasked with supporting the November 2019 launch of the #ItsInOurHands campaign and platform.

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Many people are unaware that wet wipes contain plastic and can be very harmful for the environment.

Millions of wet wipes are used every day because they are practical and handy, however, many consumers are unaware that most of wet wipes products sold contain fossil-based synthetic materials which can pollute the environment for centuries.


Illustrate the challenge, create dialogue around sustainable living, and define a new standard of biodegradable wipes.

Create a platform for a new era of biodegradable wipes and facilitating conversations between sustainability experts and eco-conscious consumers. The European Union recently announced its Single-Use Plastics Directive, a ban on single-use consumer products of plastic, and consumer interest around sustainability and environmental issues is growing.

How can we increase awareness of the problem?

How can we encourage conscious buying?

How can we position ourselves as a label of trust?


A bulk of my internship work remains under NDA, however, I have outlined my research and design process.

Defining goals
I worked with colleagues in my department to narrow down overarching goals for the new campaign, how we might get there, and those that will be involved. Working with my manager, we defined what the goals for our user research were and the steps we would take to get there. Established the process and created a stakeholder map to gain a deeper understanding of the context.

Data protection and planning
I contacted global data agencies and worked with them to also keep data safe and in-line with E.U. data protection laws. During the planning phase, I handled subject recruitment and made screeners, created the focus group questions with a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions. Created subsequent survey questions for a later project around this. Prepared these materials in a few different languages for the focus groups and surveys.

Focus groups and surveys
I led real-time focus groups with users across 3 continents and in different languages. After, I created user personas, empathy maps, and user journeys. I gathered insights, synthesized results, visualized mapping, and located where there were opportunity areas. I then developed strategies to drive brand activation with my team.

User experience
I crafted the user experience for the #ItsInOurHands platform. After user research, I conducted affinity diagramming sessions to consolidate information, created storyboards to test different needs, made paper prototypes and conducted usability tests. From there, I reiterated upon designs and discovered what worked and what did not work for intended users of the platform.

Platform launch
The platform is live and can be found at itsinourhands.com. I supported the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) platform launch in the summer while working in Austria, and was invited to work remotely during the Fall months to support the U.S. platform launch.